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  • We kept putting off our plan to renovate the kitchen as we did not want to go back and forth on a hundred different aspects. Then my friend told me about Sydney Wide. We called them and one of their representatives came and met us with catalogues and presentations on the laptop. We were delighted that what looked like a month or week long exercise was complete in one afternoon. The kitchen is ready and in fact looks even better than what we had imagined. - Thank you, Sydney Wide.
  • I am very happy with Sydney Wide Kitchens. Here is one company that is very professional and lovely to work with. The people who came to dismantle our old kitchen and deploy the new one were very courteous and friendly. They took extra care to see that the electrical and plumbing is done as neatly as possible, because I am quite finicky about cleanliness. I am happy to say they exceeded my expectations. - Thank you, Sydney Wide.
  • When we were building a new home, I and my husband began to plan everything in detail. The kitchen was the last item on the agenda as we thought it would require a lot of time. That is when my sister told me to meet up with Sydney Wide Kitchen. We met them and were very impressed with the range of custom designs they provided. After a couple of hours, we walked out of their office with the design finalized.

    Once the design was complete, they went about installing it in a matter of few days. They were very meticulous and professional and looked like experts in their field. Today, my kitchen looks great and we have guests complimenting it all the time. - Thank you, Sydney Wide.
  • After my recent retirement, we decided to move to the suburbs and build a sprawling home, complete with a kitchen garden and the like. We met with many kitchen designers and were shocked at the exorbitant prices quoted by them. That is when I read up about Sydney Wide and had them come over and meet us. Not only were the designs suggested by them very good, the costs were also very reasonable. They just finished installing the kitchen and were very impressed with their eye for detail and friendly courtesy. Things I cherish deeply. - Highly recommended!.